Swiss UK Fake Breitling – The digital passport of luxury watches

As the first luxury watch brand to extend digital blockchain technology to all of its watches, Breitling replica is transforming this innovative technology through a service available to all.
All high quality fake Breitling watches produced since October 13 include a digital passport with blockchain, secured by the Arianee protocol, which allows owners to demonstrate the authenticity of their products and the legitimacy of their ownership. Beyond ensuring the authenticity of each product, the digital passport is at the core of a new ecosystem of digital services for Breitling watch owners. The passport automatically connects to Breitling’s digital warranty program powered by Dentsu Tracking, and also allows owners to initiate and track any watch repairs and soon extend the warranty period as well as sign up for loss or theft insurance.

At the core of Breitling’s vision is the ability for watch owners to control their personal data and remain anonymous, without losing an innovative and symbiotic relationship between brand and customer in the luxury industry. The protocol developed by Arianee offers a fixed digital identity that is unique for each product with blockchain technology, guaranteeing airtight security and privacy.
As of October 13, 2020, every new perfect replica Breitling watch includes a unique private digital passport. Watch owners can simply scan their electronic warranty card with their mobile phone camera to automatically download the private, encrypted digital wallet, which securely stores the digital passport.

This passport contains all the details of the owner’s watch, including its serial number, and the product is stamped with the activation date of its digital warranty and its purchase. Accessible only through the electronic wallet (e-Wallet), this passport includes a transfer function that allows the owner to prove the authenticity of the watch and evaluate the ownership of it, as well as an option to transfer the watch if the current owner does so. want.

This innovative feature enhances the watch ownership experience, as owners no longer need to present a physical certificate of authenticity for their Swiss made copy Breitling watches. Furthermore, watch owners can transfer this certificate securely in case of resale. With this blockchain-based digital passport, collectors no longer need to save paper documents and can instead freely inquire with Breitling more efficiently and anonymously thanks to a built-in chat feature.

Through this novel way of demonstrating luxury watch ownership through digital means, Breitling customers can, for the first time, experience a new way of collecting watches. Repairs are recorded on the certificate with a date stamped on the blockchain, upcoming insurance services are more reactive to issues like loss or theft, and resale guarantees enhance the brand experience.

or Georges Kern, Breitling CEO, “The successful launch of Top Time last March highlighted just how much benefit Breitling owners could gain from a sustained relationship with the brand. That is why, starting today, we offer the Breitling digital passport with every new quartz movement fake Breitling Professional watch without exception. By offering a full range of innovative services for their watches, we are providing our customers with the inclusiveness that characterizes the Breitling approach. Stay tuned as we are about to announce another significant change for our customers, increasing the value of our watches again ”.
According to Antonio Carriero, Director of Technology and Digital at Breitling, “we are really making a change in the industry: we are empowering the customer not only through the watch on their wrist, but also with a digital passport in a secure electronic wallet, providing personalized suggestions throughout the ownership experience at all times. Customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do, so it goes without saying that we will continue to offer additional services to Breitling owners with absolute security and complete respect for privacy. This is really what brand innovation should be in 2020: transforming the relationship with our customers ”.

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Co-Founder and CEO of Arianee, highlights that “our ambition is to give copy Breitling the opportunity to develop its own service economy and transform its relationships with customers by proposing a more circular and transparent model for its products. The fact that the Arianee protocol is completely decentralized gives us the ability to assist the emergence of open source technology that is free and available to its users, avoiding all the negative impacts that larger, centralized systems have on our daily life”.

Emmanuelle Collet, Co-Founder and CMO of Arianee, explains that “Breitling’s commitment to creating a digital identity for all watches in its collections is an important step for Arianee. The brand’s vision is perfectly in tune with ours, even beyond the authenticity of its products, and the characteristics of the Arianee protocol are the basis of a new relationship with the client, enriched by services that did not exist before. . We are pleased that Breitling is embracing this innovation and at Arianee we are convinced that this will open the door to new business opportunities for luxury brands.

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